Pig in a Blanket

Pig in a Blanket

It is quite common to see a pig toting a bit of bedding hay on it’s back like it forgot to take of its house coat before coming to breakfast. Usually by the time they’ve walked the 200 to 400 feet up to the whey tubs the hay will have fall off but this finisher pig still has its blanket on. We joke that they are pigs in a blanket, a hot dog hors d’oeuvre greatly enjoyed by certain young ones, and not so young ones.

Tuesday Outdoors: 29°F/22°F 2″ Snow, Clear Blue Sky
Farm House: 58°F/39°F More piglets born
Tiny Cottage: 61°F/51°F

Wednesday Outdoors: 31°F/28°F 10″ Snow, Spots of Sunshine, Windy
Farm House: 59°F/39°F Lots more piglets popping out
Tiny Cottage: 60°F/45°F

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3 Responses to Pig in a Blanket

  1. I like the pig pic and especially the jokes. hehehe

  2. pablo says:

    Brrrr! But they don’t seem to mind. I’m hoping we’ve finally turned the corner into progressively warmer weather down here.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I love the pig pictures.

    By the way, comments are still open regarding USDA’s “naturally raised” label. As has been aptly chronicled here, this label is weak, ineffective, and will actually hurt the farmers it is supposed to help. We have a website where you can go to submit comments:


    Through this website, over 1500 comments have already been submitted. The deadline is March 3rd (Monday). Thanks!

    Dan Owens
    Center for Rural Affairs

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