Rain & Ice

Ben Snowboarding the Way Drive

We woke up this morning to rain. Interestingly, they had predicted temperatures in the high 40’s but our high for the day was 34°F. Just enough to turn the road to glass. The whey driveway coming down the mountain is glazed ice, a bobsled run rather than the wonderful sledding and snowboarding slope we had yesterday when friends visited for a sledding party. I’m very glad we did the sledding yesterday! I was tempted to put ice skates on and shoot the driveway, all 400′ of it. I just need a jump at the bottom and maybe I can clear the road into marsh field! After the precipitation came a spectacular, brilliantly colored, full arc rainbow over the marshes.

When I took this photo of Ben you could see the fence between the driveway and the pigs. Today, even with the melt from the rain, the fence is almost totally buried with just a few black tips poking out. All the electric fences are grounded out at this point from the wet snow. The only thing that keeps the pigs in their places is habit and the dogs who have a very strong sense of order. Occasionally a pig will go outside their area, generally onto the driveway. The dogs immediately put the pig back with gusto.

With the fence by the whey tub disappearing we were getting this happening more often. Cinnamon, our oldest LGD decided the solution was to push the pigs’ line back to the bottleneck at the pear trees. He positioned himself there as his new guard post. That worked – Smart dog. Unfortunately, that mean the finisher pigs couldn’t climb the hill to the whey tubs and food. I explained to him “Pigs Okay” and led the pigs back up the hill past him. Now he’s letting them up the hill again and has moved his guard position back to the top end of their fence. All’s well.

Tomorrow is Ben’s Sugar Mountain Life blog’s two year anniversary. He’s the one pictured above on the snowboard. Ben has done an anniversary post with lots of pictures on his blog so go check it out and leave him comments!

Outdoors: 34°F/24°F 1″ Rain, Overcast
Farm House: 55°F/46°F
Tiny Cottage: 62°F/54°F

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