Honey Biscuits

Will Feeding Honey to Piglets

We made a major score of honey: 250 lbs for free. It had been going to be used by a cheese making company to make a special cheese and then they found it didn’t come out very well so they tossed it all. As a long time, but not current, bee keeper I was stung. But pleased too. I’m not one to look a gift bee, er, horse in the mouth parts.

The honey has created quite the buzz at our house. The piglets and growers have been getting a bit of honey on their hay. They also get butter, curds and whey with their hay. Pretty happy healthy pigs! The extra calories in the honey and butter do them well during the cold of winter.

The honey was Fed-Ex’d – imagine that for so much weight. It came in very heavy duty mylar bags with caps. Will, who’s feeding the piglets above, is cleaning out and saving the bags for one of his Water War projects.

Outdoors: 28°F/22°F Overcast, 3″ Snow
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9 Responses to Honey Biscuits

  1. Liz says:

    YUM!!! And honey has so many healing qualities that they’re going to become super-pigs!! Great score!

  2. Chris says:

    seems like there’s quite a buzz going on over the honey. i’m sure once the smoke clears you’ll see some happy pigs. i’m gonna go listen to some queen and read some michael pollen books now.
    (sorry had to play along with the early morning pun-fest)

  3. alice says:

    Hey there! What a great blog you have- your family and farm are very interesting! Thanks for all the good advice- we’re new(er) to the farming life and love reading about what others are doing. Keep up the great posts! :) Alice teenytinyfarm.com teenytinyfarm.wordpress.com

  4. Anonymous says:

    Wow! I want some, too! Honey and pigs, both… But especially the honey. One bag would do. Love your blog – keep up the good work!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Walter, I’ve been told that molasses and honey gives pigs rickets. Not sure if it’s true, but my feed guy really warned me against it.


  6. The feed guy might have gotten it backwards. I found these two references [1, 2] both of which say molasses is good for pigs. I have fed molasses to pigs once many years ago and they loved it. Sheep love it too. Like with anything, there may be upper limits. The stuff is expensive enough that I would not use it as full feed but it also isn’t a balanced diet as full feed. Putting it on hay or other feed gives them energy. Even then it is ideal to add other things for other nutrients. Dairy gives lycine and other things that balance well.

    My guess is the feed guy had miss remembered or miss heard something.

  7. wlbanksiii says:

    Seems the USDA is in need of assistance. I will banks are subsidize the farms.

    Ask the president in washington, dc.

  8. pablo says:

    Still no ice sculpture.

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