Iced Birch Tree

No, not global warming. We just got an ice storm. In fact, it is on the tenth anniversary of the 1998 ice storm that destroyed so much of our forest and put the lights out in Quebec. We had another in the ’70s as well. These things happen. We don’t get January thaws but that was a doozy.

It does make for pretty pictures of the crystal trees and isn’t so bad if the wind holds off. The problem with the wind, or a heavy snow fall immediately afterwards like we got in ’98, is it will break the trees. The combination of snow and ice can collapse the roofs of marginal buildings – our hunting camp got squashed flat in ’98 as did the local general store’s eatery in another storm.

Sun Rise over NH

Now that we’re sleeping up at the cottage I catch a lot of really nice sunrises. In the foreground you can see the snow banks, which had been 11′ high the day before, were reduced to about five or six feet by the warm weather. Since then they’ve gone back up a few feet. Eleven feet high is the maximum I can make as the tractor bucket only reaches to nine feet – after that it’s push, push push.

Thursday 1/9 to Saturday 1/18
Outdoors: 38°F/-2°F Mostly Sunny, 4″ Snow, 1/4″ Rain/Sleet
Farm House: 58°F/41°F
Tiny Cottage: 68°F/45°F

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6 Responses to Iced!

  1. Ooooh- I was in NH in 1998 and that storm was horrible. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for no wind & no snow!

  2. farmwife says:

    I hear ya. We got buried in a snow/wind storm last week, and Monday night it’s supposed to be -20 F.

    I’m sure the really cold temps will wait until kidding season starts….it does every year.

  3. Lisa says:

    We had an ice storm about 15 years ago that left us without power, toilets, heat, anything for 3 days. It was a pivotal moment for me in wanting to be more (or even just a little!) self-sufficient! And it was nothing like what you guy had in ’98!

  4. I’ve never seen an ice storm before, but I’ve heard that they can be pretty destructive.
    I am also amazed at how much snow you get. Where I live we never seem to get much more than a foot or two.

  5. Mountain Dweller, we don’t get the really deep snows like they get in CO and NY from the lake effect. We’ve probably only got about a foot or 18″ of packed snow in the fields right now after that melt. It often gets to 4′ of snow in the fields. The drifts from the wind can get quite deep in hollows and the plow drifts are a lot higher because that’s where I push the snow up to clear the work areas. The kids have great fun sliding down and digging in the big snow piles. We do have a safety rule of partnering when snow digging as I’ve heard of collapsed snow tunnels.

  6. Chris says:

    Now I see why you haven’t ordered any seed yet….It’s cold there. We’re planting our second round of salad mix this Friday. (for the greenhouse of course) I’d say climatically we’re worlds apart. Lot’s of sledding and snowboarding ahead for you.

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