Stone Coat Hangers

I always loved the human hand coat and hat hooks from the entry of the original Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. I worked out how to design a non-electric spring driven version but it’s a bit too much sillyness.

Holly hung her coat on the cap stone of the brick arch into the bedroom. It gives me interesting ideas for coat hanging that could be quite elegant in addition to our string racks. Now I have one more type of rock to keep my eye out for when checking fence lines along the stone walls.

Outdoors: 33°F/22°F Overcast
Farm House: 62°F/53°F Saddle Pig died
Tiny Cottage: 53°F/45°F Woodstove & chimney installed, paper fire burned, doors & windows open most of day

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6 Responses to Stone Coat Hangers

  1. I’m sorry to hear one of your pigs died, what happened?

    By the way, we just finished the door to our chicken’s new coop (inspired by your chicken’s winter coop), but still have to add the insulation and cover.

    Thank you for all the work that goes into your blog… We LOVE it! It’s a source of inspiration and ideas on every page! Keep up the great work and we look forward to your next post.

    Blue Harvest Farm

  2. Clareview Dave says:

    Walter, What do you mean “Saddle Pig died”?

    I’m a daily reader, one who will use your wisdom and experience when I am raising pastured pigs on my Ontario homestead in a year or two. Have to say that an unplanned sow death might be a blog entry of interest.

  3. Yes, Saddle Pig, our oldest sow, died yesterday of a prolapsed rectum. Sad. She was a very good and nice pig. I’ll write more soon about what happens at the end of life. It is an issue one deals with times en time. In a nutshell, there is composting which returns to the soil the nutrients of the body and there is feeding the livestock guardian dogs. More later.

  4. Lisa says:

    Whoa! Did I miss something??? A pig died? How could I have missed that bit of info?

    I am sorry about the sow, though. I know that animals, people and all living things have a finite lifespan, but it is sad to lose one just the same.

  5. Hi Lisa, Yes, Saddle Pig, our oldest sow, died this week. I had put a note of her passing in the footer down with the temperatures and weather. She was a good pig and is the mother of many of our other sows. The good news is I suspect she died in her sleep based on where I found her and her body position. At some point I plan to post more on her – an homage of sorts, as well as what one does with an 800 pound body on the farm.

  6. cat says:

    i’m so sorry to hear about one of your pigs dying..:(

    the house is looking wonderful though!! great job walter and fam!

    i’ve been MIA for a bit but am back amongst the living..had some stuff to deal with but am all better now..:) thanks for still being here walter! you are truly an inspiration..:)

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