Fire and Ice

Winter Bonfire

Outdoors: 32°F/23°F Sun, 4″ Snow
Farm House: 60°F/56°F Shutting of workshed and old house warmed core
Tiny Cottage: 43°F/40°F Bathtub walls rough concreted, all inner windows in

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5 Responses to Fire and Ice

  1. Anonymous says:

    Happy winter solstice

  2. Brian says:

    happy solstice! May your fire help the sun find its way back north

  3. Lovely solstice bonfire.

    Do you know that your Bathtub Delivery post is clobbered? It’s a zero byte file.

    I discovered this because I want to ask you how you keep the pig’s water from freezing in the winter. I bought mine a fancy horse trough heater and they broke it in a week.

  4. Hmm… Interesting on the zero byte file. I suspect it is because I just did a new post and is being slow about updating. The system seems laggard right now. It should show up inside of an hour. This sort of thing is why I want to move my blog over to WordPress. I just need more days in the hour… Perhaps with winter being here I’ll get to do it.

    I looked at trough heaters and valves but they don’t look “pig-tough” to me. I have an idea for building a self-operated pig feeding and watering station that will be pig-tough and uses their natural inclinations – but that is for next year. Pigs can be rather rough on equipment that isn’t working up to their specs.

    Our solution for watering is primarily springs. They run continuously through the winter with warm water. It is a natural feature of the land that is rather hard to buy at the store. :(

  5. Beautiful photo…happy solstice!

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