Sugar Frosted Mountains 2007

Sugar, Knox & Butterfield Mtn

Sugar Mtn

Outdoors: 6°F/0°F Sunny, 1″ Snow, Windy
Farm House: 51°F/44°F eH1m
Tiny Cottage: 53°F/36°F eH1m

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2 Responses to Sugar Frosted Mountains 2007

  1. Mia says:

    I see that the temp in the tiny cottage has surpassed that of the farm house.

  2. Aye, and the amazing thing is that is during this cloudy period, without us living there (body heat), without appliances, without the roof properly reinsulated (to-do list) and still with just a a single pane of glass on the big windows. It is getting very tempting to make the move. We’re working on finishing up last details before Christmas.

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