A Sledding We Will Go

Funny how they look stationary in this photo but they had just come down the upper ramp and were moving quite quickly as they shot towards the whey driveway and down its twists to the gate at the road. About a 500′ run on hard packed snow. Dennis, the gentleman who delivers the whey, insisted I not sand the driveway because the kids were having just too much fun. He’s right.

Outdoors: 32°F/10°F Sunny
Farm House: 56°F/48°F 2 Round Bales Out, 1eHm
Tiny Cottage: 58°F/43°F 1eHm Exterior upper parge east wall started

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7 Responses to A Sledding We Will Go

  1. Alecto says:

    OK, I’ll stop lurking. First, I love your site, it’s absolutely fascinating for multiple reasons. I am beside myself over your 252 square foot home and I just wish I could see the floor plans bigger!

    Also, you found one of my secondary sites, which I reserve for dark stuff although it doesn’t all seem to be dark these days. There are links to the primary site and the lighter secondary on the main page. I swear, it’s not all a soap opera!

  2. Nate says:

    I see you still have snow. Are you going to be able to finish your projects??

  3. Ah, ‘Finish’ is such a final sounding word… *grin* The list is flexible and we’ll pack as many things into the warm days, and the cold ones, as we can. Right now the ground is frozen hard in the top layer. Everything on the ground is frozen down. A foreshadowing of winter to come. But it is supposed to warm up in the next few days so I know one big task I’ll be doing is cleaning up around the homestead and our construction site. I have pallets of stone I want to move once they’re no longer frozen to the ground.

  4. That looks like fun. I haven’t gone sledding in years.

  5. John Collis says:

    I got to say that I enjoy your site. I’ve been lurking around your site for a week or so just absorbing all the great info.

  6. Lisa says:

    Looks like fun! We are having unseasonably warm weather this week (not that we ever get much snow.) I say, sand the drive after sledding and generally be outdoors is *totally boring, Dad!*

  7. DoubleAcre says:

    Since we’re all confessing, I’ve been lurking around for almost a year now. Now to get the dogs to drag the sled back up the hill…

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