Morning’s Light

Morning’s Light

Apparently Bob won’t be disappointed – It’s going to be a white Christmas after all. Not that I really had any doubts here in Vermont. This is the scene that greeted us this morning with the sun rising on a fresh four inches of powder on top of yesterday’s 7″ of snow that had packed down. If you’re lacking in the white stuff and need your snow fix, click on the image to see a much larger panorama.

Outdoors: 26°F/18°F 4″ Fresh Snow for 7″ snow depth.
Farm House: 57°F/50°F eh1m
Tiny Cottage: 45°F/40°F eh1m

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7 Responses to Morning’s Light

  1. karl says:

    almost snowboarding weather.

  2. mon@rch says:

    We are getting mostly lake effect and the ground is warm so it is melting much quicker than later in the season! Snowboarder here also, can’t wait!

  3. Kati says:

    Glad to hear nobody was hurt (nor the van badly damaged) in the fender-bender the other day! Glad to see y’all are getting some good snow there. It started snowing Thursday night, here, and hasn’t really stopped since. We’re loving it, as well.

    Thanks for visiting my blog!

  4. Walter, check out this quote from this blog

    Years ago my Uncle Glenn used to say, in regards to ruminants, that “a gut full of grain makes a gut full of worms”. He was a firm believer in feeding animals their natural diets. Grain is not a natural food for a ruminant, grass is. For the longest time I was unsure of my uncles advice. After all, everyone grain fed their animals. So I always supplemented with it just in case. I now understand he was right all along. At least as far as optimum health goes. I’ve never heard else where any connection between grain and worms. Any thoughts out there?

    I thought you might think it interesting. Thanks for emailing back about the dog collar.It made me think of you and your dogs.

  5. Mellifera says:


    I once sat in on the livestock-animal parasitology class and there was no connection mentioned between diet and parasites.

    But, knowing what I do about science, that doesn’t mean “No.” It just means nobody’s looked. There’s been a lot of talk lately in both animal and human medicine about “intestinal flora” (mostly in the context of just bacteria, but worms definitely count) and its effect on health- diet would certainly affect that. Ever feel gross after eating something you’re not used to? Yup. I can see a lot of potential for differing diets affecting the gut chemistry enough to encourage or discourage parasites.

    …Maybe now I’ll do a little research and see if it comes up with anything.

  6. Mellifera says:

    Here are a few links…

    This one suggests at least a good, diverse pasture is a lot more healthful than straight grain:

    This guy says some grain feeding increases parasite tolerance (I suspect just because of calories, which decent pasture should be able to provide)- but gives no citations to directly support it.

    Other than that, everything I found by googling “cattle diet parasites” or “cattle grain parasites” talked about diet in terms of adequate calories and mineral content. (Ie, “hungry livestock get worms.”) Nothing about grain vs. grass by way of intestinal flora. So, like I said, it’s probably because nobody’s looked yet. Certainly nobody’s talking about it.

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