One Year Construction Pan

Above is a panorama of our farm at the one year construction anniversary for the Tiny Cottage. I had meant to include that before but hadn’t had time to finish stitching the images to make this almost 360° view. Click on the image to open the full 4,656 pixel wide version in a new window. Warning: it is about 500KB.

Starting from the left we have:

  • Logs to be spit for firewood
  • Tractor
  • Kids’ treehouse
  • Tiny Cottage in winter pajamas
  • Granite collection – rocks pulled from the waste for cottage
  • Dog House – concrete tests
  • North field containing herd #2 of pastured pigs and chickens
  • Sugar Mountain in the distance
  • Knox Mountain
  • Butterfield Mountain
  • Marshes & Beaver Meadows
  • Our old farm house
  • House End Shed
  • Winter farrowing shed
  • Haden Hill
  • Lower pond
  • Upper whey tank
  • South field containing herd #1 of pastured pigs
  • Wood chip pile
  • Culvert I need to install under road
  • Picnic area with stone benches and table
  • Bonfire ring
  • View towards West Topsham & Bradford, VT
  • Mount Moosiloc in New Hampshire
  • Upper pond
  • Coy’s & Tika’s rock in distance
  • Will’s Kyak on beach
  • Logs to be spit for firewood

For dog spotters: There are at least two that I count…

For those interested in Community Supported Agriculture, check out this interesting web page that I stumbled on this evening. Also check out this site for more publications of interest. See, our government does do some good after all. For those who ever doubted. :)

Outdoors: 42°F/31°F Partially Sunny
Farm House: 54°F/38°F getting chilly… Extended north field paddocks 1 acre
Tiny Cottage: 62°F/43°F North face parge, south face insulation

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Cool!! I always enjoy your pans. They give me a vicarious trip to the farm

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