Tile Test Success

Back on October 5th I wrote about the Filed Ceiling Tile Test. My conclusion was there was color bleeding from the grey cement layer to the white due to the very thin layer I had tried to do. White portland cement is three times as expensive as grey so I wanted to use as little white as possible in line with keeping costs down. But I was skimping too much. Fortunately I did my chinzing on a test tile and not a real ceiling.

The tile test above uses a much thicker layer, about 1/2″. For the real ceilings I’m going to go with a minimum of 1″ just to be sure. We’ll be pouring the bedroom, bathroom and front room ceilings in molds so when we go to do them we won’t actually get to see the results until weeks later. It is going to be very, very tempting to pull those forms and look. No touch!

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