Parking Lot Irony

I do love irony. I saw this SUV parked at Walmart in Berlin, Vermont. I have cropped it so you can’t see the license plate number in order to protect the absurd.

I’m a strong proponent of Buy Local(ly). It does seem odd to ship things half way round the world. On the other hand, I wasn’t particularly looking for my kids to get the sort of jobs that produce cheap, knock-off plastic imitations of useless junk. Whatever…

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6 Responses to Parking Lot Irony

  1. Stephanie says:

    Oh- good one! And I’m sure that SUV was imported?

  2. Heehee. I lived and worked in Berlin for two years…I can imagine the mentality that drives those stickers.

  3. Bob C. says:

    Bumper stickers fun to read, we
    can sure draw conclusions from them can’t we? Sometimes a bit ironic too.

    Walmart…didn’t they have a “buy American” platform a few years back or am I imagining that?

  4. pablo says:

    I remember learning in a college economics class that more Americans are employed importing foreign cars than there are employed making American cars.

    My security word is only one letter off from reading “MazdaVW.”

  5. Patti says:

    Where will our children work….UMMMMM let me think……Not Wal-Mart???

  6. Dawn Carroll says:

    I saw a bumper sticker once that said…Question Everything! That sticker was on the right side of the car and on the left side was all their religious symbols and the sticker of the church their family attended & the religious school their children went too…
    I thought how ironic that they don’t seem to question what the left side of their vehicle was advertising when the right side was saying Question Everything…

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