Little Lounging Lady Lili – Loft Light


Lili guarding the sunshine.

Today is an easy dog spotting. It was warm and sunny, a perfect day to open up the loft window. This is the one window that we have not had the pleasure of checking the view through yet. It was covered with insulation last fall. This spring I pulled the interior insulation to reveal the framing of the window but the exterior insulation was still on until today.


Ben looking out his loft window

The view from the kids’ loft is spectacular looking out over the upper pond to the south field beyond. Letting the light in through the loft window brightens the whole high ceiling of the tiny cottage. Wonderful to finally see!


Loft window from outside

Now that I have opened the window I have to build a window to go into the opening before snow flies…

Outdoors: 54°F/33°F Overcast
Farm House: 66°F/58°F
Tiny Cottage: 64°F/55°F Loft window opening, Attic form finished, windows open

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2 Responses to Little Lounging Lady Lili – Loft Light

  1. pablo says:

    Nice window opening! Is that the real view or a cut-and-paste one like you did for some window shots earlier?

    Also, did I miss something? That looks like stone facing creeping up the side of the cottage. Am I right. Are you going to do a post about that soon?

  2. Yes, indeedy, Pablo, that is a real photo. I used a flash to make the interior show up. Without the flash the interior was a silhouette. In the Tiny Cottage Views post I wasn’t able to get the contrast to work so I had Photoshopped in the actual exterior views taken from outdoors. I suspect that since this loft window doesn’t have glass yet the flash trick works.

    Aye, it does look like stonework creeping up the walls. More on that soon…

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