Share the Harvest 2007

The Northeast Organic Farmers Association of Vermont is having a Share the Harvest event Thursday, October 4th, 2007 although you don’t have to limit yourself to that date if you just want to send a donation:

Sharing the Harvest
One Neighbor Helping Another

If you ever needed a great excuse to eat out or shop for groceries in the middle of the week, here it is!

Each year, with the help of dozens of restaurants, stores, and co-ops throughout Vermont, NOFA-VT holds the annual Share the Harvest Fundraiser. On the first Thursday in October, participating restaurants, stores, and co-ops donate a percentage of that day’s sales to benefit the Vermont Farm Share Program.

Since 1994, the Vermont Farm Share Program has made locally grown vegetables and fruits more accessible to low-income families by helping to purchase “shares” in Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) farms, providing a summer’s worth of fresh fruits and vegetables for participating families and individuals.

The 2006 Share the Harvest Fundraiser was a huge success with 73 restaurants, stores, and co-ops participating. Over $9,500 was raised making it one of our most successful years ever. We would like to sincerely thank all of the participants as well as all of the diners and shoppers who made a special point to support Share the Harvest.

NOFA is already looking forward to the 2007 Share the Harvest Fundraiser on October 4th, 2007. Do you have a favorite restaurant you would like to see involved? Please contact the office and let us know: or 802-434-4122.

If you’re in Vermont, living or visiting, then check this out. There may be similar programs in other states to help share the harvest.

Update: My sons made posts on their blogs about the Harvest Festival we attended at Wellspring Farm. See Ben’s post and Will’s post on their blogs.

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5 Responses to Share the Harvest 2007

  1. Anonymous says:

    In our town Bad Buchau we have farmers, too.

  2. The above comment from Anonymous can be read in English here (sort of) translated by Google. The post by Anonymous regarding the spreading of liquid manure appears to not really be farming though. Based on looking at the photograph it appears that they are spreading liquid fertilizer on a lawn and that is what the complaint is about.

    So why was Anonymous posting this here? I suspect that it was in response to the post I made over on about the farmer in Montpelier who is being harassed by government officials. Thus I’ve crossed link back to that post. The two situations appear very different to me and even with it is speaks volumes on the problem of urban dwellers who don’t want to smell where their food came from. That’s okay, I don’t like the smell of the city either. :(

  3. JJenseen says:

    Those germans are all mixed up as are the monpelier people. I would rather smell dog farts than the city! Ugh.

  4. HomemakerAng says:

    city slickers have a smell all their own… After smelling it just for a day and I drive the kids back home they say, “doesn’t the country smell great”, I could never live in the city!

    they don’t know what they are missing, I know I am missing the smells of smog, gasoline, charcoal grills, natural gas utilities and chlorinated/flouride city water… I feel bad I am missing all of this…. NOT!

  5. Odd anonymous stuff- thanks for following up. My folks have a big farm across the street from them (fields we hayed when I was a kid) and they spread liquid manure occasionally. Stink, yes, but I’d still rather smell that than have to listen to the motorcycles/cars without mufflers/fire engines that is my usual pollution here in Chicago!

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