Paper Lantern – Tomatillos

Tomatillos seem to be one of those easy fruits. They do require plenty of water. All the ones I planted in the beds along the house did great and are loaded with fruit. Other years when we’ve had more rain the fruit were even larger.

There are also several plants up along the driveway that the chickens planted and Will staked to protect and support them. The poultry planted tomatillo plants are dwarfed and their fruit are smaller and fewer. Even where they had good nutrients, the lack of water stunted the plants in contrast to the ones that thrived in the run off from the old farm house roof.

Outdoors: 73°F/45°F Mostly Sunny
Farm House: 73°F/55°F
Tiny Cottage: 72°F/58°F Door open, brick cutting & pillar mortaring in bathroom

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6 Responses to Paper Lantern – Tomatillos

  1. karl says:

    are those heirloom tomatillos? if so i’d happily seed exchange you for some of our neighbors blight resistant cherokee purple tomato seeds.

  2. Karl, I don’t know if they are heirloom per-say. I don’t think they’re hybrids because they seem to reproduce beautifully from the seeds I save, as well as the ones the chickens plant. Send me your postal address and I’ll put some in the mail to you. – walterj at sugar mtn farm com

  3. What all do you use tomatillos in? I don’t think I’ve ever had one.

  4. Mostly salsa but there are probably other things tomatillos could be used in. Sometimes I eat them off the vine – Holly things they’re not good that way, Hope does. Kind of tangy.

  5. bbqdewd says:

    Would it be possible to get a few of those seeds? I absolutely LOVE Tomatillo Salsa. We are planning our 1st garden on our new farm in North Georgia.

  6. BBQDewd, I would love to send out seeds but I already sent out my extras to several people who’ve asked. Sorry about that. Maybe next year. I need to save more as I got quite a few requests.

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