Jewel Weed

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7 Responses to Jewel Weed

  1. Seems a shame to call it a weed Walter, as it is quite colorful!

  2. I agree. It is my favorite flower. Looks like dragons.

  3. Henwhisperer says:

    Jewel weed is a natural neutralizer against poison ivy. We don’t seem to have much poison ivy up here but jewel weed grows in abundance. Go figure.

  4. Gravity says:

    As a kid, we always called them “poppers” because of the springy seeds that pop when you touch them if they’re ripe.
    I’m lucky enough to have them all around my house as well.

  5. wish we could grow weeds like that here in Victoria,Australia. Looks almost tropical. very exotic.

  6. PV says:

    Beutiful pic!!!!! I love yor flowr pics.

  7. Zach says:

    So thats what this plant is! I came across some the other day and I thought it was a rather nice plant!

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