First Fall Foliage 2007

This tree’s feeling a little stressed out. It turned colors a bit early, probably a month and a half ahead of most trees. So why so stress? The sheep chewed on it. Their bite was worse than it’s bite.

Outdoors: 82°F/54°F Sunny
Farm House: 76°F/69°F
Tiny Cottage: 73°F/68°F

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2 Responses to First Fall Foliage 2007

  1. Crystal says:

    Walter, I’m still waiting on what caused that confusing cous cous art…..

  2. Ah, what in deed. Realize that I’m guessing a little, but from having watched the pot boil many times.

    It isn’t the burner element shape. We have a glass stove top with circular electrical elements below that.

    What appears to be happening is the boiling water stabilizes the bubble cells within the fluid once it reaches the maximum temperature which is a bit below 212째F (100째C) due to our altitude and salt. At that point there are vertical columns of bubbles in a matrix as shown by the couscous. The herbs float well and migrate to the interface lines of the bubble cells thus creating the lines of color. As the pot is reduced to simmer and then turned off the couscous’s solidity helps to maintain the position.

    Instant food art. :)

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