Mystery Cooking

My, my! What happened here?!?
We opened the pot and what have we got!?!

Leave ideas in comments…

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12 Responses to Mystery Cooking

  1. BFW says:

    Pesto cous-cous with pine nuts.

  2. crystal says:

    i’m thinking that’s cous cous, pine nuts, and maybe spinach… but i’m rather stumped as to what caused the design…

  3. PV says:

    I know!!!!! Ive seen it. Its boild. But I dont know why it does that. Maybe the bubbles. Beutiful pic!

  4. David says:

    Nice. How do you do the transparent background on your picture?

  5. I agree it’s a cous cous spinach and pine nut salad which you’ve made to look like a cobbler casserole!
    Sara from farmingfriends

  6. jayedee says:

    quinoa, pine nuts and basil?

  7. Hmm… Good guess on what it is, but how did it happen. It was unintended and an all natural process. Holly just dumped the ingredients into the pot and out pops art… :)

  8. Now that’s fascinating. I see couscous, pine nuts and greens. But I guess we already determined that. LOL


  9. crystal says:

    is that the design of the heating elements under the pot?

  10. David, It isn’t actually transparent. I just did white which is the same color as the page.

    Crystal, It isn’t the element pattern, but very good guess. I thought that at first too and had to look.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Alien invasion. They are drawing pictures in your food.

  12. Leave ideas here and then go to First Fall Foliage 2007 and look in the comments for what I think may be causing this food art…

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