Bad Break

Fixing a Bad Break

Up until now all of the granite we have cut and split went perfectly. Today we had a bad break. I was splitting a 31″ long sill for the bedroom and instead of cleaving cleanly the stone crazed off to the side when I attempted to split it from one end. Same thing happened from the other end. My guess is I got the grain wrong – splitting the hard way. I was surprised but then I don’t feel confident yet about picking the grain so it is almost inevitable that eventually I would get it wrong. Fortunately, granite grows wild around these parts…

Rather than tossing the piece of granite we cross cut the projecting ragged portions of the split and I chipped them out with a chisel. A little ugly but that side is hidden in the wall so no matter. We still have the remaining sawn edge for our top of the sill and nice rough edge on the face.

Of note, it is easiest to chip out the cross cuts when the cross cuts go deeper than the plane of the intended surface. This left a very rough surface which would be idea for mortar to get a really good bond. Something to keep in mind for the future…

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2 Responses to Bad Break

  1. pablo says:

    I don’t know about chipping granite, but I should would wear more substantial shoes while doing it. Maybe it’s just me.

  2. Aye, and I really should have a leather glove on the hand holding the chisel. Fortunately I have never missed and hit my hand. Remind me next time I pickup the chisel to grab the glove too…

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