Mystery Photo July 2007

What is that??? Care to guess? Leave ideas in comments. Here’s the answer for after you’ve thought about it…

Outdoors: 80°F/62°F Sunny
Farm House: 73°F/67°F
Tiny Cottage: 70°F/68°F Miss split bedroom granite sill – oops!

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8 Responses to Mystery Photo July 2007

  1. PV says:

    I thout they were thos little plastic lites that now come in flashlites. Cool pix!!!!!!!

  2. Susan says:

    Looks like ice cubes!

  3. Dreamer says:

    I agree. Looks like ice cubes, very close up and on a flecked counter top. Of course they have rounded bottoms. What did you make them in?

  4. brandy says:

    ice seems too easy…but thats what it looks like to me too.

  5. karl says:

    i’d say IceInLightDSCF5258-721485.jpg is a dead giveaway for what it is.

  6. Yes, Karl, but you peeked. You’re not supposed to do that. :)

  7. They came from a tray that produces lots of tiny ones rather than the standard cubes. We picked it up at a yard sale years and years ago. I had dropped them on the counter next to the flashlight by accident and saw the photo in a flash. Camera time!

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