Fence Jumpers

Kavi and Cinnamon Jumping Fences

Teaching our dogs to jump fences is not an issue. The trick is teaching them which fences they may jump and which fences they may not jump. Note that I say ‘may’ and not ‘can’. I’ve seen many of them clear 8′ fences with ease. I had to use 9′ fences with floppy tops to contain Kavi’s grandmother Tika when we first got her before she was trained.

Above Kavi is coming hither to me followed by his father in the next moment. The white polywire fencing on step-in posts is what we’ve been setting up for the south field paddock divisions. The dogs are allowed to, nay, encouraged to jump those fences. On the other hand they are forbidden from jumping the perimeter wire fences and netting. It isn’t a matter of height of the fence but rather the type of fence and use.

I think I have them all clear on the concept now. While it did take some time, it was well worth the effort.

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Fence Jumpers

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3 Responses to Fence Jumpers

  1. PV says:

    Wow!!!!!!!! Beautiful leaper!!!

  2. Sean Govan says:

    How do you train your dogs not to jump fences?

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