Running Piglets

Blackie’s piglets running in south field brush

Outdoors: 70°F/50°F 4″ Rain
Farm House: 71°F/68°F Cabot run
Tiny Cottage: 70°F/69°F

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5 Responses to Running Piglets

  1. Dave A. says:

    Excellent action photo!

  2. karl says:

    nice shot. i imagine a scene out of lord of the flies where a boy with spear is in hot pursuit.

  3. Great Pig shot.

    However, You have been tagged by Hillbilly Willy from his Blog Life in America

    If you haven’t done this before, it is kind of interesting. Click the link above and come over to my blog and play along.

    Hope you dont mind the intrusion.

    10-4 Willy

  4. HillBillyWIlly, right now is too busy to do tag games. Sorry. Maybe in the winter when things are slower. -WalterJ

  5. “Run, Pigwet, run!”

    That photo is to die for, Walter! Y’all have entirely too much fun!

    ….and here I’ve been saying that it will be next spring before we add a couple of pigs… I’m getting the temptation …….

    Too cute!! Love the new piglets nursing both w/your black sow and the most recent.

    Harriette and the Jacobs

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