Memories of Snow

Digging around through my files I ran into this picture which brought up memories of the kids digging their snow fort this past winter. They used a huge snow bank I created after the Valentine’s Day Blizzard. Looking down that hole now is like a cool drink on a hot summer day.

Outdoors: 63°F/35°F Sunny
Farm House: 78°F/60°F fencing, planted more potatoes, tomatoes, basil, lettuce
Tiny Cottage: 69°F/60°F

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2 Responses to Memories of Snow

  1. pablo says:

    I see three children and no dogs in the photo. (But it’s an odd photo.)

  2. HomemakerAng says:

    i will stick with lemonade for my cool drink after this long winter!!! I just saw the valentine blizzard pics! UGH!!!

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