Round Rock

This little round rock is a traveler who’s off to see a friend. I found it in our mountain where the really round rocks are few and far between. Pablo has many more round rocks but then he had help from a meteor strike. [1, 2]

Most of the rocks I find when digging are jagged or rough. Often they’re squarish, broken along crystal lines. This one looks to have been smoothed in a stream perhaps or ground by glaciers. Maybe both. On the exposed sections of mountain ledge you can see the scratch marks the glaciers left. They look like giant cats or bears clawed at the rocks.

The photo makes the rock look bigger than it is. In reality it is only about the size of the end of my thumb. Another funny little aspect of this particular round rock is it has my monogram on it – naturally formed by the minerals in the rock – WVJ.

Yesterday and today I’ve been transplanting my seedlings from their cold frames. I’m a bit behind and they’re looking crowded in the flats. Fences to do. House work seems to be held off. Soon…

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6 Responses to Round Rock

  1. Dali says:

    Just discovered your blog. Love it! Great photo! Hope you dont mind if Ive snagged it as my computer walpaper. Love the way it fades back and the green.

  2. Barbara Walton says:

    When i saw that beautiful rock, i cried because of its beauty. I mean, finally someone understands the meaning of life. This rock is more precious to me than my child. I literally usedup an entire box of tissues with my tears of joy. May i purchase this rock from you? I am willing to pay a maximum of $0.99. I hope you will accept my offer! I love your rock. So much. Im going to forget about my child and instead i will marry this snazzy, inredibly beauteous rock. I love you. The potato bowl.

    • Wow. Glad to hear you cried with tears of joy. I’m really sorry to have to be the one to break this to you but you’ll need to keep your child and 99¢ because I love my rock too and could never dream of parting with it. Hmm… No, I never have dreamed of it… I’m sure that someday you will look back on this and thank me for being strong in this decision. :-)

  3. Hellen says:

    Love yor round rock story. We also ahve some special round rocks from the sea and river.

  4. Mike Carlo says:

    Most of the rocks I found looks rough but this one is looking so smooth. liked your round.

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