Gas Guzzler Redux

Stretch Limo Humvee – for real!

I hear a lot of complaining about gasoline prices. People send me emails wanting me to join this or that boycott or petition Congress against the oil companies price gouging. I have no sympathy.

I see that gasoline has hit $3.12 per gallon around here. Apparently that is not high enough. We saw a car idling for over 20 minutes at a store. When the price is high enough people will take conservation seriously.

As to the government and oil companies, what we need to do is eliminate all the subsidies, including the war for oil. If the oil companies want to secure the Middle East for their personal profits let them pay for it. They can higher mercs or perhaps the US Troops would like to get paid better as mercs. If the oil companies had to pay fully then they would have to pass that cost on to consumers rather than it showing up in our tax bill under National Defense Budget. If consumers paid the real cost at the pump they would take conservation more seriously.

The cost of petroleum, and other fuels, should also include the environmental and other costs. I don’t like getting dumped on by the acid rain carried in by the wind from the west. In the newspaper I read about people in some areas complain about electricity prices going up but the reality is they’re still paying less than half of what we do. The price of electricity should be much higher. Time for them to pay for the real costs. When their pocket books really feel the pinch then conservation will naturally follow.

Higher fuel prices naturally combat global warming. If people really cared they would waste less time debating global warming (Vermont Legislators – I’m talking to you) and actually do real things to conserve and pollute less. I on the other hand don’t mind the winters being a little bit warmer. Weeks of -20 to -45°F on end gets to be a drag in January and February.

No, I don’t own any oil stock, or any other for that matter. I don’t drive much. I don’t fly at all, use propane, heating oil, natural gas, etc. It’s not a philosophy thing – it’s just too dang expensive. Free market conservation works.

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6 Responses to Gas Guzzler Redux

  1. HomemakerAng says:

    gas here in the midwest is $3.65. We have an old suburban but I filled the tank over 3 weeks ago now. Last year I only put 5,000 miles on it and this year looks the same. I use it about once a week and to drive back and forth to church…

  2. HomemakerAng says:

    I should clarify that my husband drives a different car into the nearest big city daily for work. His car EXCEEDS greatly the 5,000 miles that I put on mine. We do use the suburban for family trips too so it still is pretty good at that low mileage. It is rare for even homemakers these days to stay home! run, run, run! One big day is enough for me :)

  3. karl says:

    people say to me when i complain “if you don’t like it move to another country” i say “i am here to complain and vote against them” if i left, which i have considered in the past, i’d still be affected by the US lunacy and have no voice against it. my voice used to be louder and more prolific but any more i just worry about the carbon footprint of the pile of omelays

  4. I agree that conservation will quickly follow high prices. However, many business (farming, construction, farm supply)directly or indirectly rely on fuel oil. We need to get conscious about conservation before we reach those high prices.

  5. Haymaker says:

    You’re spot on about Free Market Conservation. As the price of a good rises, only those consumers of that good that can utilize that can effectively utilize that good at those higher prices will buy it.

    In other words, people will economize where they can. Businesses that need fuel (farmers, truckers, etc.) will feel the squeeze until the costs get so high they cannot make profitable use of the fuel at all.

    Driving your hogs to slaughter is critical and you will spend what you need to get them there. Driving to town for ice cream is not. :-(

    In a video post with Joel Salatin, he commented that his fuel costs could quintuple before his operations would be dramatically effected.

    Personally, I think another season of this and more farmers will start to raise their own oil seed crops and press their own fuel oil.

    If the !@#$@$ gummint would get out of the way and quit adding taxes and inefficiency to the production and distribution network, we’d have fairly priced fuel and lubicants.

    Our own governor is proposing a surtax on oil brought into the state. Can you say shortages?

    Reg gas (NO ethanol) is $3.42.

    Take care.

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