Turtle Visitor – Cottage Temperatures

We had a visitor – Unwilling I think. Kita brought a painted turtle up from the marsh and deposited it at the front of the house where Will found it. Interestingly she did not damage it. On previous occasions the dogs have eaten turtles they’ve found, crunching through the shells. A turtle’s caprices is no match for a big dogs’ jaws and teeth. Based on the rings I think the turtle is eight years old. After being rescued, the turtle was quite reasonably reluctant to stick anything out of it’s shell for a long time. We observed it for a while and then Will took it up to Mystery Pond and released it in the shade by the water.

The temperature in the tiny cottage is wonderful. Even with all the huge windows it isn’t over heating because of the large amount of thermal mass but it is warmer than the outdoors in the morning and not as hot as it is outdoors at mid-day. I setup a temperature probe in a boxed in area in the east window of the bedroom. Within the box the temperature in the morning soared to 91°F. This demonstrates how important the thermal mass is to maintaining a comfortable room temperature. I’m going to make a little insulated box with a temperature that I can fit into windows and then do similar measurements on each window of the house over the course of a sunny day and a cloudy day. comparing that with the indoor temperature of the tiny cottage will be most interesting. Another experiment is drilling a hole part way through the front partition wall and measuring the temperature over the course of the day.

Another interesting observation is that there is very little difference (∆ of 2°F to 4°F) in the temperature at floor level, head level and at the top of the inside of the ceiling vault which is about 11′ up. The couple of degree difference that exists when I first come into the cottage quickly disappears as I move around inside stirring up the air. I suspect that the insulated concrete slab of the floor is soaking up and reradiating a lot of energy – warm toes!

Saturday: Outdoors: 33°F/67°F Sunny
Farm House: 73°F/56°F
Tiny Cottage: 67°F/55°F cleaning & prep

Sunday: Outdoors: 32°F/65°F Sunny
Farm House: 72°F/55°F
Tiny Cottage: 68°F/55°F

Monday: Outdoors: 31°F/66°F Sunny
Farm House: 68°F/56°F
Tiny Cottage: 68°F/56°F

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4 Responses to Turtle Visitor – Cottage Temperatures

  1. Haymaker says:

    I just know if I told my wife I was going to drill a hole in the wall to see what the temperature was in there, I’d be sleeping in the garage.

    Thanks for the posts.

  2. David says:

    Walter what will the final floor be?

  3. Sounds like it is going to be a great place. The weather sounds great.

    10-4 Willy

  4. David, the floor will be dark colored concrete so as to rest the eye and absorb solar energy from the big windows. Holly wants to make some braided rugs for spots but I would like to keep as much of the floor area open and exposed to the sun as possible.

    I came up with a design for a sprung concrete floor but I don’t think I’ll get to build it. We’ll see. I’ll take no bets until it is set in concrete. :)

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