Jelly Roll

Do teach your children to cook. Here Will is slicing a sponge cake jelly roll made with strawberry jam from berries we picked last summer and canned. Darkside: jelly roll does not make good left overs. Sunside: jelly roll is not worth saving for left overs. :)

Seedlings went out in the cold frames under double paned patio door glass on Thursday. They should enjoy the added light after being in the kitchen window.

Thursday: Outdoors: 64°F/30°F Mostly Sunny
Farm House: 63°F/46°F
Tiny Cottage: 61°F/54°F finding stone

Friday: Outdoors: 65°F/29°F Mostly Sunny, Ice on the wading pool
Farm House: 62°F/56°F
Tiny Cottage: 61°F/54°F cutting block

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6 Responses to Jelly Roll

  1. Patti says:

    I agree that all children should learn the basics of cooking plus all the other things needed to know to take care of oneself. When you get to the point when Sugar Mountian Pottery is flying off the wheel,I’d like to put my order in :):)

  2. Hmm… Sugar Mountain Pottery… It has a ring to it. But first I must make new dishes for us. Over the last two decades and a bit most of what I had made for our kitchen has gradually accumulated chips and cracks. This winter I lost my favorite beating bowl which I had designed to work perfectly with the shape of hand beaters. Other bowls work but that one had the ideal shape. Holly loves doing pottery too so I think we have critical mass when we get a lull in other projects. :)

  3. annie says:

    bctLove the “Human Body” placemat in the lower left corner of the picture. One can become intimately knowledgable of where the jelly roll goes.

  4. How can it be that a homemade pastry does not make a good leftover??

  5. The jelly roll is best eaten fresh because the sponge cake absorbs the jelly. When it is freshly made they are distinct layers but by a day later it is like old PBJ. :) Lesson for us is to make small rolls. Another thought might be to freeze. We haven’t tried that.

  6. Angie says:

    make trifle with the leftovers.

    Line a bowl with cake, pour custard over it.
    Cool in the fridge then top with whipped cream and jelly (i think you would call it jello)

    yum yum yum.

    i realise this post is a few years too late lol.

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