Butter Dish – Gilts to Pasture

That is a concrete butter dish. I’m not sure if it will ever get actual use but it was a very interesting experiment. I made it by creating a mold frame out of 1″ pink foam insulation glued together with silicon sealant. I then coated the surfaces of the four mold parts with paraffin to create a very smooth finish. I think I should have used a soupier mix of concrete and I should have vibrated it more.

It is not perfect but still very a very interesting experiment. I was able to get very fine details such as my signature on the under side of the bottom of the base and the word “Butter” on the top of the cover. The base also has a foot rim around it just like slip formed ceramic dishes and plates. I had used a wooden chopstick end to carve the lines for the foot and words into the still soft paraffin.

The reason for this test is I’ve been thinking about how I’ll create our sinks for the bathroom and the kitchen as well as the bathtub. The molds for these items will be a bit more complex than the ones we’ve done so far for shelves in preparation for the ceilings of the attic and loft. Still thinking…

Today we moved pregnant gilts out of their winter paddocks to the south field. Wow – Happy pigs! They were so very excited to see the green, growing grass and have more room to run. We lost snow in our fields a week ago and the fields have just firmed up enough to have the animals out on them in force.

Outdoors: 56°F/31°F Sunny
Farm House: 66°F/56°F
Tiny Cottage: 63°F/54°F order steel entry floor grating

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8 Responses to Butter Dish – Gilts to Pasture

  1. Patti says:

    I posted a comment earlier but my PC must have decided not to post it sooo….I think the butter dish is cool and I know cement makes great floors and counter tops and can be dyed alot of different colors but…I also think that with the cement block walls having cement sinks ,bathtubs etc might be a bit to “industrial”not cabinish at all. (Most people don’t use the words cement and cozy.)

  2. Don’t worry, concrete is but one of the materials we are using. We’re also using marble, granite, brick, maple, cedar, glass, steel, brass and plaster. Each material has it’s place. I agree, everything in concrete would be rather boring even with all the different ways I can finish it.

    The big advantage of concrete is it’s malleability and strength. I would not want to try and build the roof or ceilings with stone, although I do have some slabs big enough for the ceilings. And I’m not going to build them of wood because of fire risk – I want a fire proof house. Avoiding clutter will help keep even the contents from burning.

    As to the butter dish. My suspicion is the final one that will grace our table will be made of granite or pottery. I’ve done a lot of pottery in the past and my goal is to setup a wheel and kiln within the next couple of years. I miss working with clay.

  3. pablo says:

    I would be worried that the butter from that dish would not spread well.

  4. annie says:

    Is it the angle, or is that one TALL butter dish? What’s next in the concrete line of kitchenware? :-)

  5. Annie, It is a little on the tall side – my goof, which I realized once I had demolded it. But the angle of the photo makes it look even more dramatic. Skyscraper Kitchenwares™ :)

  6. Zach says:

    Have you played with more sink mold designs recently? I have been thinking of remodeling our kitchen with concrete counters and sink. Curious if you have any advise on the sink molding.

    • I haven’t. The sink we made came out beautifully as did the desk, counters, shelves and bathtub. The bathtub was a ferrocement build up rather than molded. We also built a 200 gallon sump for an aquarium using roto-molding techniques on a base of 2″ pink foam. That came out great and is incorporated into the walls of the tiny cottage bathroom. I found that beach balls made great sink molds. Use a two component release like silicone and vaseline. Same trick we use for muffins.

  7. Angie says:

    I love all things ‘country’ and am especially partial to the ‘prim’ style of decorating and i just LOVE that butter dish.

    You could sell those.

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