As of Friday I’m a cyborg. We’ll find out if the tests say I have a heart or not. Miracles of modern medicine.

Outdoors: 67°F/37°F Sunny
Farm House: 65°F/55°F no fire
Tiny Cottage: 64°F/50°F form removal, spackling, masonry

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7 Responses to Cyborg

  1. pablo says:

    Well, it’s already clear that you have a brain, so it will be good to see if you have a heart. Keep me posted.

  2. Haymaker says:

    Instead of concrete…maybe you should switch to something less heavy…like a balsa wood house? :-)

    Hope all is well.

    Brian – Greenville, WI

  3. Actually, my mother, who is a physician, said the best thing to do is keep getting heavy exercise and the worst thing is to relax.

  4. edifice rex says:

    Hey Walter, as for the links you were asking about; I get all of my potter’s supplies (the stuff I use for coloring concrete) from Highwater Clays in NC. They are very nice and the closest supply I know of to you. They don;t have their colorants on their website though. You have to get the catalog to see the prices and list of minerals. You might try Googling “pottery supplies” or something like that to get an online list of prices. The stuff is listed as “coloring oxides”. They are mainly used to give color to glazes; that’s why I keep large quantities. Some of them are very expensive. Some, like red iron, are very cheap. Hope that helps you some.

  5. Hi, Walter, What exactly does that cryptic entry mean? ARe you having heart issues? Hope not…See you Friday afternoon.

  6. Nope, no heart troubles. Turns out my heart is perfectly fine. I’m no tin woodsman.

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