Certified Naturally Grown in 2007

We got our Certified Naturally Grown (CNG) status for 2007 including the pretty wall certificate shown above. What is CNG you might ask? It’s better than Organic without the USDA high fees. CNG is an alternative certification program that parallels the USDA Certified Organic program following the same standards but without as much paperwork and without the high costs and enormous amount of paperwork associated with the USDA’s program.

This program came about because the USDA co-opted the term organic several years ago and made it illegal for small farmers to use the term, even though they were organic. The whole purpose of course was to make it so that big business could get in on the growing organic market and simultaneously shut out the small producers who had developed the organic food market. Pretty slimy but that is your tax dollars at work.

Of course another big reason that CNG is better than the USDA is that CNG has a cool logo that outshines the USDA Organic logo any day of the week.

Remember to support your local farmers – You can vote with your pocket book for greater regional food security, saving petro and sustainability. Food miles count!

Outdoors: 34°F/30°F Morning rain melted most of yesterday’s snow, High winds
Farm House: 62°F/50°F one log
Tiny Cottage: 52°F/45°F core poured three blocks high on bed/bath wall

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2 Responses to Certified Naturally Grown in 2007

  1. Betty says:

    So, Walter, who is the certifying agent?

  2. Betty, Last year we had our inspection done by Mark of Jericho Settler’s Farm when he came for a visit. Generally the inspecting agent is another farmer in the Certified Naturally Grown program. In scarcely settled states like Vermont that isn’t practical. As an alternative you can have an neighbor, customer or other farm visitor take a farm tour and do the inspection process with you.

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