Snow’s Going

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The snow is going, bare patches are showing and it’s starting to look like spring. Down in the valley most of the fields are already clear of snow. About a week ago after the last significant snow storm we spread the winter’s worth of wood ash on our gardens and fields to increase the solar gain and melt the snow faster. This trick is very effective. By altering the albedo we affect a little localized warming that gives us an extra month of pasture compared with the fields we don’t ash. The wood ash also serves to sweeten, raise the pH, of our acidic soils which increases their fertility.

Outdoors: 53°F/20°F Partially Sunny
Farm House: 55°F/49°F no fire
Tiny Cottage: 57°F/46°F prepped for bedroom floor pour

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3 Responses to Snow’s Going

  1. Aye, not this year. I set one up but we never quite had everything right so what I ended up with was a skating rink for pigs. I never did post the pictures of our ice follies “Pigs on Ice!” :)

  2. Betty says:

    Hi, Walter,

    You sure have more snow left than we do down here. There are still patches in the woods, but the pastues are pretty well clear…much earlier than in years past. Pigs on ice, huh? sorry to have missed that one. Still busy lambing.

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