Winny Piglets, Shelf Plaster Test

Winney and piglets in the house end shed on another glorious spring day…

Today I demolded the second test of my ceiling molding method. This is a shelf in the bathroom that will be next to the sink and below the aquarium. It looks incredible! The plaster on the underside is so smooth and perfect. The materials, concrete above and plaster below, bonded together beautifully and the expanded metal lath did it’s job binding the two together.

When I rapped lightly on the shelf with my fingers it sounded like drum. Very cool! Technically, according to my protocol, I should have waited until tomorrow to demold the cast it but I got impatient. It doesn’t look like the shelf has suffered from my lack of control. Lying on my back looking up at it I can see how this would make a beautiful plaster ceiling. It is so white, so smooth and has a gentle curve across the space. There is just a faint stippling on the surface from the foam board – that gives the ceiling just a hint of texture. Very cool! Hmm… I already said that. :) I can’t wait to do the next test.

Tuesday Outdoors: 33°F/21°F Light rain all day, Very Windy
Farm House: 58°F/50°F three logs
Tiny Cottage: 52°F/45°F waited patiently, planned plumbing

Wednesday Outdoors: 48°F/23°F Sunny, Extremely Windy
Farm House: 55°F/50°F
Tiny Cottage: 57°F/43°F demolded bathroom shelf

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3 Responses to Winny Piglets, Shelf Plaster Test

  1. Betty says:

    Hi, Walter: it looks like one of the piglets has a different “look” to it, red and banded…Duroc look?

  2. Pablo, I forgot my camera when I went up to check on how the shelf was doing. I will get pictures and do a whole article about the shelf. I figured out a bunch of cool technique things.

    Betty, It is possible there may be a bit of Duroc in them. Based on watching the phenotype of our pigs over the years I think they are primarily Yorkshire with a dash of Tamworth, Berkshire and Glouster Old Spot. I’m keeping track of the litters and someday will try and plot the genetics out once I have enough data.

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