Loft Window Revealed

In the tiny cottage we’ve removed the forms up in the attic that had covered the kids’ loft window all winter. These forms we made of foam to form the ends of the roof were left on during the winter to help keep the warmth in the house. Now with spring officially hear as heralded by the start of mud season we’ve removed the form insulation to reveal the wall and window. The loft is going to be one very cool space looking out over the upper pond and south fields.

I had hoped to remove the foam in one piece but it was locked in too well with the roof so we had to break it out. The poured section of the end walls behind the foam looks excellent. One little spot that has a small indentation but it is of no structural significance and will vanish in the parge layer of the wall.

The wooden scaffolding that Holly is sitting on is what will hold the forms for the ceiling pour of the front room. That ceiling will also form the floor of the kids’ loft. Designing how we will do the ceiling has been occupying much of my thoughts for the past month or so. My plan is to pour a plaster ceiling into a mold and then pour a concrete floor for the loft directly on that, bonding the two together. This will save me from having to do so much plaster work over my head and give me a smooth ceiling. That’s the theory. Today I demolded the model of that ceiling and it came out beautifully. I do believe we have a winner. Details to follow…

Obligatory Dog & Pig Pic for SweetNicks

Outdoors: 38°F/30°F Sunny, 1″ Snow in the morning
Farm House: 59°F/50°F no fire
Tiny Cottage: 58°F/45°F demolded ceiling model, molded & poured shelf #1

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  1. Willa says:

    That dog looks like I ought to be saying “Grandma, what a long nose you have!” Great picture.

  2. Aye, Lili is the spitting image of her grandmother Tika.

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