Mud Season is Here

It is officially mud season. That’s the season after winter and before spring. There is also often a mud season between fall and winter. Fortunately on our road the mud season impassibility tends to be very short. Our town road crew does an excellent job of maintaining the ditches, culverts and road and our road is well shaded for the most part.

Our solution to mud season is to experience it as little as possible – we just don’t go out in it if we can avoid it. Even with a decent road in mud season you don’t want to get caught in the deeper ruts. Taking it slow and flying the road is key. When possible we use the road as early in the morning as we can so it is frozen. Unfortunately by the return trip it has usually melted. The water drops on the windshield are not rain but rather water splashed up from the road. Our car looks like a pig after a mud bath. Coming home felt a bit like a safari ride. :)

We are scheduled – don’t you love those weathermen – for lots of sunshine so that should dry up the mud season rather quickly.

Outdoors: 34°F/19°F Sunny, Snow in the evening
Farm House: 56°F/49°F no fire
Tiny Cottage: 57°F/46°F Loft wall foam form removal, planning, model

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  1. pablo says:

    Good luck with your mud season. My woods seems to be the only place in the whole of the Ozarks that has actual soil, so I can get bogged down in this rainy weather. Almost did yesterday.


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