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Own a store in a small Vermont town…

Cheap Kids II, a children’s cloths consignment store in Barre, VT is for sale. It is a most wonderful store owned by Janice. We’ve clothed our kids over the years from her wares. She is selling it to move her work closer to home which is in Woodsville, NH. Have you dreamed of owning your own store, living in a small town, being your own boss? If you want a great business, contact the owner Janice about buying her store. Her work phone number is (802) 476-4413. It is in a prime location in the middle of Main Street in down town Barre.

Note that we have no connection to the store to it other than being a very happy customer. I hope someone buys it and continues it. It is a great opportunity for to live in a small town in beautiful Vermont. Barre is the next town over from Montpelier, the capitol of Vermont.

I live in Orange which is a bit east of Barre-Montpelier. Our area is one of the still affordable places where land and home prices aren’t crazy and the cost of living is reasonable. So, if you’ve dreamed of moving to Vermont or the country but want an in-town business, check it out.

Link with map.

Update: My wife Holly just spoke with Janice and found out that the asking price for Cheap Kids II is $15,000. What deal!

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5 Responses to Cheap Kids for Sale

  1. Anonymous says:

    I have gone there often throughout the years. I hope all goes well.

  2. PV says:

    Geeee Walt I thoug you were selling some of your kids……… !!!!!!!!! :-)

  3. pigfaemer56 says:

    walter, If its still cheap to live where you do keep it quiet or else people will change things as they have done here in Enosburg its gettin so expensive to live here I don’t know if we’ll be able to retire here! love your posts and info on pigs!

  4. Anonymous says:

    My husband and are planning to move to Vermont in the Spring. I am interested in the children’s store. Can you tell me how much the stores gross profits are per month?

    I have always wanted to live in a small town and a little store would be perfect.


  5. Maria, I don’t know details – we just shop there and enjoy the store. I did just hear that Cheap Kids has sold and their changing the name to something like “Just Women and Children”. Personally I think that is a poor choice of names. It is unnecessary to alienate men and fathers from the git-go. I used to shop there for our family but if the new owner has an attitude as reflected by the name then I’m not incline to go there anymore. Sad.

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