Mystery Question – Ice Tube

My, my, how nice is this ice tube that Will found.
I wonder how it was formed?
In a mold?
On a stick?

Click on the picture for the answer…

Outdoors: 33°F/19°F Mostly Sunny
Farm House: 58°F/50°F two logs
Tiny Cottage: 50°F/45°F

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4 Responses to Mystery Question – Ice Tube

  1. Don says:


    How is the small cottage coming? I haven’t seen anything on it in a while. Speaking of which, I notice that the temps in the small cottage aren’t getting quite as high as the temps in the old house. I seem to recall from the early days of the small cottage that it would regularly hold temps close to the big house, even though the big house gets heating and the small cottage only benefits from passive solar heating. Have you been leaving the door open on the cottage?


  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi Walter,
    I live in Brattleboro VT (somewhat south of you) and am interested in finding a place to buy healthy-raised lard – either that or the fat to render myself. Do you folks sell the lard/fat as well? Thanks!

  3. PV says:

    I know!!!!!!!!!!! I saw that happwn. Water was in a pipe on a cold day and it got smaller and smaller and smaller and it pushes out th eice makeing things like that!

  4. Don, the tiny cottage is coming along. I’ve been getting ready to do four different projects – floor structure, the loft, the attic and the plumbing. There is some interaction between three of the four so I have to make sure I get everything right which means lots of thinking time.

    The temperature in the cottage is tempered by the 84,000 lbs of thermal mass so it doesn’t react as fast as the house. But that can get biased a bit if I have the doors open a lot to bring materials in since the thermometer hi/lo is measuring the air.

    AnonyBrattleboro, we don’t sell rendered lard retail, just whole animals and possibly soon the cuts through stores.

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