Firewood Units

Several people have written recently asking about the “Farm House logs” in the footer of each post. They wanted to know how big a log is, etc.

The log count is all the wood used in 24 hours. A log unit is about 5″ in diameter by about 18″ long of sugar maple in almost all cases. The photo above shows some log units. Those are slightly small on the diameter but longer – works out to be about the same. It’s a very rough estimate of wood. Sometimes an actual piece of wood might be twice that size in which case it would count for two log units. That is to say if we put in a double sized log and two small pieces that would be four logs in the daily count.

I’ve been keeping track of our wood usage since the early ’90s as well as the temperature so it gives an interesting comparison of how much fuel we use. Initially it took about seven cord to keep the house reasonably warm. Now it is down to about two to three cord per year. I expect the tiny cottage to be more energy efficient.

I have updated yesterday’s post of the Business Card / Meat Label with photos of the label in use in the store as well as on the butcher’s wall and a black & white version. Next I tackle brochures…

Outdoors: 26°F/-15°F Sunny, Somewhat Windy
Farm House: 61°F/42°F eight logs
Tiny Cottage: 48°F/38°F

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3 Responses to Firewood Units

  1. pablo says:

    Oddly, one of your ads today is for an outfit called “Keep Pork off Your Fork” and says it will tell me the top ten reasons not to eat pork.


  2. Aye, that is PETA. If you click on their ads it will deduct money from their bank account and transfer it to my bank account. I would love to empty PETA’s bank account. :)

  3. EllaJac says:

    Walter, I responded to your comment on my blog about the cheesemaking. (hope that link worked!).. and I had a question about brining/smoking bacon, that I’m unclear about…


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