The Kiss

No, they weren’t actually kissing but it looked very coy.

Outdoors: 10°F/-23°F Sunny, Calm
Farm House: 60°F/38°F six logs
Tiny Cottage: 48°F/33°F no work

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4 Responses to The Kiss

  1. Anonymous says:

    You’ve captured that special moment once again, Walter! “The Kiss” will definitely get enlarged, printed off and posted on the front of my refrigerator, replacing a previous piggie pic until the next one is graciously provided by you and your family. Keep the excellent piggie pics coming!

  2. annie says:

    If it looks like a kiss, then it is a kiss!
    Great picture! Thanks for the smile. :-)

  3. PV says:

    Calender girl!!! So when are you going to do a calender?

  4. anna says:

    oh how cute walter
    you really capture them

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