Chainsaw Whoas

This morning Will and I went out to begin cutting the wood pile. I had changed chains and serviced the saw earlier in the morning. The first cut went beautifully, the saw falling through the rock maple like a warm knife through butter. Same on the second cut – about half way. Then the chain stopped although the engine was still going. That’s odd. I hope the clutch isn’t dying I thought as I turned the saw off. On investigation I could find nothing wrong so I went to start the saw again. No go.

I disassembled the saw, checked the fuel, compression, fuel pump, air intake, spark plug (dirty), filter (a little dirty but not bad), pull, pull, pull – nada. So Will and I went inside where it is warmer and less windy to work on the saw. I got the other one and began swapping parts to see what the problem was since it was nothing obvious. Nada.

Lunch. Do other things. Take a break from the saw. When I came back to it we took it in a dark room with the spark plug pulled so we could see if we were getting a spark. I was hoping the alternator wasn’t shot. No spark. We flicked the on off switch. Tried again. Huge spark. Great. I had been trying to start the saw with the switch in the wrong position! Gaaa! Oh well, at least I got to change the spark plug, air filter and give the saw a thorough cleaning. It starts very easily now. I have marked the switch to make it clearer which is the right position. Dum-dee-dum-dumb!

Outdoors: 28°F/14°F Partially Sunny, 4″ Snow
Farm House: 51°F/43°F no fire
Tiny Cottage: 53°F/46°F plumbing planning

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13 Responses to Chainsaw Whoas

  1. Mark V. says:

    Well at least we know youre human. :-)

  2. Goodolboy says:

    Hi Walter, My name is Guy, from up Manitoba Canada way. I enjoy your blog. Ya ain’t the first ol boy to do that and ya ain’t goin to be the last. I once sharpened a drill bit three times before I figured out I was at the end of the travel on a drill press.
    Take care.

  3. Jon Crane, Warren Maine says:

    Walter –

    With that little efficient cottage of yours coming on line, you could probably cut the necessary firewood by hand couldn’t you?

  4. Emily says:

    Say, Walter, what brand of chainsaw would you recommend for a first-time user? We don’t have any heavy duty cutting to do, but need to thin out some trees in the woods out back including some pines with the largest at about an 18″ diameter trunk.

  5. John, we could although I generally cut several years worth at a time and then leave it to dry. Well stored wood will last for centuries, getting better and better all the time. I’m trying to build a stock pile large enough to last until I’m 110.

    Emily, We have Husqvarna chain saws Rancher with 18″ bars. I like that model. Plenty of power. It is heavy – builds strong shoulders – but never lets me down. Start out slow with the saw, short sessions. I had a Stihl before. Worked fine. I don’t have a lot of experience with other brands. Perhaps someone else can chime in with what they want. Do take a chain saw safety course. It is time and money well spent plus fun. I spiked the stake with the tree and won the T-shirt. :)

  6. pablo says:

    I’ll be sending you my Husky to rebuild if that’s okay with you.


  7. Jon Crane, Warren Maine says:

    I have had a Stihl 15″ for 10 years or so and it has served me well. However this winter I have lucked into a friend’s Husqvarna with a similar length bar. Over the last month I have put up 3 or 4 cord cutting maple, oak, and elm off my woodlot and the husky has won hands down. It has more power and has been less finicky than my Stihl. That said, I’d go with the better, closer dealer, and the brand that they carry.

  8. Patti says:

    I come from logging country and most loggers use Husqvarna or stihl. I have owned both and have a Stihl now because there is no one qualified to service a Husky near here. ..Can trying to start a chainsaw in while switched off be put in the smae catagory as looking for glasses that are on the top of your head??

  9. Pablo, no problem. I need another engine for the space craft I’m building. Turns out Husqvarna’s are perfect for faster than light travel. I’ll have it back to you before you know it and with less than a quadrillion miles on it!

    Patti, definitely like the glasses on the head trick! One nice thing about chainsaws is they are still so simple they’re easy to do it yourself. I don’t like the trend in cars getting so complex that we can’t pull them apart and fix them without a specialized pro-garage.

  10. Emily says:

    Thanks for the tip, Walter, and everyone else who responded with their personal preferences. Yes, I agree that a safety course is most definitely in order. Otherwise I would be a nervous wreck!

  11. Dankoozy says:

    What saw is that? Looks very much like my Husqvarna 44 but mine has no teeth

  12. Johan van der Merwe says:

    Thanks for joining the club on the switch thing:-) i do that a lot

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