Window Plastic Vent Holes

We have always (my that’s a long time) used plastic on the windows of our old farm house to help keep the warmth in through the winter. About 15 years ago I realized that if I put a small hole in the bottom two corners of the layer of plastic on the outside of the window then the moisture would condense, drop down and flow out the holes. Even with a perfect vapor barrier there is always a little moisture in the window wood or air so this helps keep the window clear and avoid rot in the sills. The two little vent holes don’t compromise the insulation function of the window significantly. The reason for leaking out is the outdoor air is ultra dry in the winter. I use packing tape on the window plastic after shrinking it and before cutting the holes to strengthen the plastic in that spot.

There is another update of the Meat Label design. I got feedback from the state today. Combined with your feedback I’ve made some big changes. Looking better every day! Check it out and leave new comments and critiques.

Outdoors: 24°F/14°F Sunny
Farm House: 58°F/48°F four logs
Tiny Cottage: 53°F/46°F no work

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I am surprised you use a triangle with all the stress concentrating corners. I would have thought a circle (maybe a series of small holes with a hot nail to make up the area of the triangle) would lead to longer lived plastic.

  2. Hot nail is a great idea. Soldering iron might do the trick. Wish I had thought of that. I worried to about the corners of the triangles, thus the two layers of packing tape before I cut. I’ve never had one rip out in the 15 years I’ve been doing it and some of the plastic was on the outside of the windows for almost a decade. I’ll try the soldering iron trick in the future. Thanks!

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