Dam Hard Freeze Ice Sculpture

Anyone up for some climbing? That is a photo of our 2007 Winter Ice Sculpture contest winner. I did this one in my free time. Just kidding… That’s the Bradford Mill Falls in Bradford, Vermont – the dam frozen over. Pretty amazing! Holly and I spotted this on our way back from delivering pigs to market. Check out my other post of that dam when it was flowing in warmer weather.

I’m still working on the meat label and have made some changes. Go to that post to see what’s new and leave more feedback. Thanks to everyone who’s already commented. It helps and I appreciate all your suggestions!

Outdoors: 17°F/7°F Partially Sunny, Windy, 1″ Snow
Farm House: 60°F/48°F seven logs pigs to market
Tiny Cottage: 54°F/46°F no work

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2 Responses to Dam Hard Freeze Ice Sculpture

  1. Mark says:

    Wow. We don’t get frozen waterfalls down here in Georgia. At least not until that other hot place freezes over.

  2. *grin* I had never thought about Georgia and that hotter place being similar in this way. I suppose to have frozen water falls like this one must be south enough to have water falls but north enough to have the temperatures in the deep negatives that freezes the water in motion like this.

    See this post and this and this for some of my ice sculptures from last year. It was a bit smaller than the one in Bradford.

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