Winter Panorama 2007

PanoramaSugar Mountain Farm Winter 2007 Panorama

Outdoors: -5°F/-15°F Sunny, Windy
Farm House: 57°F/40°F ten logs – low is due to no fire yesterday
Tiny Cottage: 50°F/44°F

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9 Responses to Winter Panorama 2007

  1. pablo says:

    Looks like more snow in the foreground than on the hills in the background. Is that just an illusion, or have you taken to manufacturing snow as well?

  2. DairyQueen says:

    Hi Walter: Liz at Clark Summit turned me on to your site and I love reading about your pigs and the ins and outs of hog farming the right way.

    I have to tell you though, you might want to work on which Google ads you block — it’s currently displaying an ad that takes you straight to a PETA site!

    With great admiration for what you do,

  3. Pablo, we’re not manufacturing snow although we just did get another 18″ and it is still snowing hard. The snow-boarders are pleased!

    Bonnie, Aye, isn’t it grand that PETA is paying good money to appear on my blog? At first I was offended but I checked with Google and they told me that they do not give free ads to PETA (remember Google’s motto: do no evil!). So when you clicked on a PETA ad that meant that it cost PETA money. Mega cool. I wish I could drain their bank account dry.

  4. EllaJac says:

    I like those ads; “keep pork off your fork” and such. Don’t they pay you if someone clicks on them? I do occasionally. I don’t mind you being supported by People Eating Tastey Animals.

  5. Ellajac, here’s irony, the income from the google ads like PETA’s last year were enough that I was able to take my family out to dinner at our favorite Chinese restaurant – and do you know what we had, among other things? Pork fried rice. :) We kept the pork off our fork – we ate with chop sticks!

  6. EllaJac says:

    Hahahaha! Love it. I responded to your comment on my blog, and would make great little links to it if I knew how, but… :)

  7. Ellajac, it’s really easy HTML code for linking. Here it is:

    < a href=""> AspiringToSimplicity < /a>

    The tags all start with a angle bracket <
    The a tag is an anchor.
    The href is the hypertext link which goes in double quotes.
    Then you end the tag with a >
    Next comes the text you want to display, like your blog name AspiringToSimplicity.
    Finally you end the tag with a closing tag < /a>

    Note, in order to get the above to display I had to put a space after the opening brackets < but you should remove that space in each example. Then the HTML code will work. The other option is to use the < xmp> tag but Blogger rejects that so I couldn’t do it.



  8. EllaJac says:

    Ok, here’s my attempt: Here is where you commented and I responded. The blog doesn’t display the comments along with the post, like yours. Also, if you know how to work within the confines of it, I’d put one of your nonais links along the sides, if it’s not too tricky.


  9. Congratulations, Ellajac! You made a link and it works beautifully.

    Now for your next lesson, making a link with a graphic so you can link to Here’s a web page with the code for all different types of examples.

    In the example below I have put a space after each opening bracket like before so remove those extra spaces:

    < a href="" title="Protect Traditional Rights to Farm"> < img src="" alt="NoNAIS Logo" />< /a>

    The img tag for displaying images from the src (Source) link is an example of a self closing tag that needs no closing tag.

    You can take those examples and substitute your own images and links. Let me know if you have questions. Here is a good web page on learning HTML if you’re interested in going further. There are all sorts of things you can do.



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