Gooses Cold Toes

Birds often stand on one foot. I suspect that the goose is doing this to allow the other to warm. Last year I wrote about the Goose’s Warm Toes. She still minds the pigs. At the time we thought he was a gander. This summer she laid twelve eggs.

Outdoors: 25°F/-7°F Partially Sunny, 1″ Snow
Farm House: 60°F/46°F six logs
Tiny Cottage: 49°F/35°F planning & prep

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5 Responses to Gooses Cold Toes

  1. Patti says:

    Our two geese are spending the winter in the front part of the barn. Rambo and Baby.We rescued them from a tiny back yard with hardly any food bout 6 yrs ago. Rambo is a goose only a mom could love. He takes great pleasure in biting the hand that feeds him if he can. Baby is a sweetheart that you can pet if you can get past Rambo that is. the previous post made me smile because 1. How many bloggers would even go there? and 2. It reminded me of lil kids saying,I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.

  2. So, our you going to get her a “husband” now that you know he’s a she?

  3. Teri says:

    Ours lay down, so they can warm their feet with their down. We’ve got eight Toulouse geese. I got mine when I attended a Tai Chi class. A woman in the class said “Who would like some baby geese?” and I said “I would” before I thought about it ;)

  4. ranch101 says:

    With regard to the “husband” comment, I’ve read from a reputable source that geese will not mate with younger ganders. I don’t know the truth of that as one of our ganders is as old or older than the geese and the other gander is of unknown age, having just shown up one day and stayed. I find them fascinating.

  5. The goose and ducks sleep on top of the hay, or the pigs’ backs. But this pose on the ice was too good a photo to miss.

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