Do You Know Where Your Tree is?

Do you know where your next Christmas tree is? We pick our own each year from our land. The above is not our land but Christmas tree farm up in Jericho, Vermont. This looks like a thriving tree farm. I’ve often thought that perhaps we should grow Christmas trees, we have the right conditions. But I’ve also seen a lot of abandoned Christmas tree farms so I suspect it is rather tricky getting it right. So for now, we just hunt our own wild trees.

The above is a panorama. To see the big picture, click on the photo.

Outdoors: 25°F/0°F Sunny, Windy, 2″ Snow in the morning
Farm House: 59°F/52°F seven logs
Tiny Cottage: 54°F/48°F Two more windows sealed

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5 Responses to Do You Know Where Your Tree is?

  1. Patti says:

    We buy ours in a pot, at the end of season sale, at our local farm store, then we plant it the next spring.Cutting it off your own land is way hippier skippier

  2. Anonymous says:

    I’m not sure about the Christmas tree farms where you live, but here around Denver, most of the Christmas tree farms and nurseries are in the process of being re-zoned to grow condos/homes instead. I drive past one on the way to work, and it also had been looking very sad, but just recently sprouted the usual sign advertising the zoning change meeting.

  3. How odd. Christmas trees really grow better outdoors where they get the variety of temperatures. I wouldn’t think they would do well inside condos.

  4. We live on an airport, and my husband is responsible for the grounds, as well as the rental agreements, maintenance, management, repairs, public relations…anyway, one of his jobs is to thin the trees and cull those that are growing in the wrong places. So, each year, as he is assessing those trees, he puts a few in his sights for our Christmas tree. Each year, he goes out and bags us a tree a couple days before Christmas, and I decorate it on Christmas Eve after the kids are in bed, and they wake up to the lit and decorated tree.

  5. Mellifera says:

    I’ve heard Christmas tree farms tend to be good holding patterns for land while the owners try to get another zoning thing worked out, so that could explain the disheveled status of many of them. It’s just a facade! ; )

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