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After Pablo’s comment about the lack of privacy we had a family meeting and decided it would be wisest to eliminate all the windows in the house. While yes, this will make it dark, gloomy and depressing, at least we’ll have privacy to walk around nekid without fear of shocking the neighbors. The photo above is how our tiny cottage looks now without the six huge glass windows.

Just kidding! That is Typar housewrap, and no, I’m not getting a sponsorship from Allen Lumber Company despite what looks like a blatent advertisement there! Don’t I wish! Although maybe the guys and gals there will drop by and see this post. They’ve been wondering what I’m up to with all my strange orders for materials.

Tomorrow we’ll trim the housewrap around the windows to get our views back. If you place your cursor over the picture it should show how it looked at the end of the day after we got the house wrap trimmed around the door. Let me know if this works for you or not – I’m experimenting with some JavaScript. If that doesn’t work for you, just click on the photo like usual.

The purpose of the housewrap is to protect the pink foam board insulation from the ultra-violet rays of the sun and from chickens. They love to peck the pink. Silly birds. On typical stick built houses you need house wrap to stop drafts. It would have been ideal if we had put it on before we did the tin foil cap but the weather was such at the time that it was either-or and the roof was more critical. So I designed the roof such that we could slip the typar up under the eves. The roof insulation is held down by lumber that hangs on the eves. This worked amazingly well and the typar went up smoothly. As with the Reflectix foil-bubble-bubble-foil, we duck taped the housewrap in place.

For the door, we took off the trim, did foam in place around the door frame and then stapled the housewrap to the outer edges of the door frame. This set it into the sticky foam which will cure locking the typar in place and sealing cracks that much better. The house is quite tight – no unplanned ventilation please!

With each of the recent projects the house is getting a little better at retaining its heat. It will be very interesting to see what effect the housewrap has. Now we just need a string of sunny days to really test out the solar gain. This year December was like November and January has been cloudy like December usually is. But we’re getting snow so the snowboarders in the family are happy.

Next we will add plastic film on the outside so the inside of the glass will warm up so we don’t get such pretty ice crystal formations. This will allow the inside glass and the cedar frames to dry so we can then start building up the super windows.

Outdoors: 31°F/-14°F Snow all day, 1″ accumulation
Farm House: 64°F/47°F four logs
Tiny Cottage: 49°F/39°F
House wrap up, door trimmed

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3 Responses to House Wrapped

  1. Anonymous says:

    Love the cottage! Trying to talk the fam into downsizing and being self-sufficient. We also homeschool and the hubby is afraid some busy body will interfere and call CPS if we don’t live like everyone else. I had to click on the pic, not just scroll over.

  2. grannygardner says:

    I had to click on the picture also. The house wrap looks great. The more I see of the cottage the more I want to downsize to just what is necessary.

  3. ranch101 says:

    I had to click on the pic as well. I agree with Grannygardner – I want to downsize our home. We’re looking into moving closer to hub’s work and it’s hard to find anything that’ll let me have a farm and be within our price range. And he keeps saying we need a house “at least as big as our current one”…

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