Crystal Cottage Panes

Crystal growth is fascinating. Since we only have one pane of glass in so far on the big windows and the temps have dropped to the low negative teens these last two nights I’ve been getting to see lots of frost crystals on the inside of the windows in the morning. By mid-day they’re all melted away by the sun. As we add more panes the crystals will nolonger form.

This is not water but rather salt crystals in an old marine tank where some water has evaporated. Variety.

Outdoors: 17°F/-14°F Sunny, Some Clouds, 1/2″ Snow
Farm House: 63°F/48°F six logs
Tiny Cottage: 48°F/36°F prep for wrap & windows

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4 Responses to Crystal Cottage Panes

  1. Just beautiful! Amazing photo!

  2. wyldthang says:

    HI! thanks for sharing the frost pix. They are very beautiful. Frost crystals were beginning to grow on the moss on the trees here–I think the moisture from the fog was making it. This stuff used to grow on pioneers’ windows right, because the house was so drafty and cold? Happy Day! Celeste

  3. pablo says:

    I’m impressed with the photography as much as the crystal forms.

    Did you really mean low NEGATIVE teens?

  4. Aye, low negative teens as in -14째F. With the addition of last night we’re up to three nights in a row of -14째F for the low. Takes your breath away – don’t run up the hill!

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