Mystery Question Pink Mountains

Mystery question of the week… What is that? A pink mountain? A witch’s hat? A volcano on the moon? What made it? Why is it pink?

Leave ideas in comments. For the answer, after you’ve guessed, hold your cursor still for a couple of seconds over this link. No peeking!

Outdoors: 25°F/17°F 3″ Snow
Farm House: 59°F/51°F three logs
Tiny Cottage: 54°F/50°F bathroom & bedroom windows arrived

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15 Responses to Mystery Question Pink Mountains

  1. Patti says:

    I know! You froze globs of Pepto Bismaul in case your piggys got icky tummys this winter:):):)

  2. Caroline says:

    An icicle that formed on the outside of some of that pink insulation?

  3. wyldthang says:

    Fun with physics, eh? Thanks for stopping by my blog ;0) Your little house is interesting, I’ll keep looking back to see how it comes along. PS the baby was me, and I realized after awhile that that pic shows how big the trees still were in WA when I was a baby(60’s);0)

    Happy Day!

  4. Looks to me like water that was frozen from the inside of one of those red nipples that goes on a calf or lamb bottle.
    Am I close?

  5. GrannyGardner says:

    How long do you anticipate until you can actually move into the cottage? That temperature is impressive given you have no heat in the building. With all your windows in and a fire in your little stove I’m sure your family will be very comfortable this winter.

  6. My goal is before December 1st, 2006. :)

    Seriously though, we take one day at a time. Maybe in February 2007. Each day we can we get something more done. Today was all farm chores and homeschooling so aside from finally receiving the openable (think egress, ventilation) bedroom and bathroom windows we did nothing on the house. Chores were getting 800 lb round bales out to four different pig shelters, checking over the mothers to be, plowing and sanding the driveway for the delivery of whey for the pigs, chopping wood, feeding the livestock. It was one of those days where we ran out of hours so no cottage construction work got done. But those things all needed to happen. Life is.

  7. amy says:

    i totally thought it was an upsidedown mushroom of some sort!

  8. Patti says:

    What do your geese do in winter? Do you house them or????

  9. I’m going to guess it’s either a mushroom, or a furry, pink, witches hat……

  10. The goose, we just have one now, and the ducks seem to do fine wintering with the grower pigs who have an open shed or with the chickens who have a hoop house. The goose considers the pigs to be her charges and she sleeps on top of the pig pile.

  11. rj says:

    The leftovers from a hole cut in the pink insulation?

  12. Jeff Krug says:

    Hello Walter,
    At first glance the shape looks like a lager piece of spalling caused by impact from a rod (perhaps rebar) into pink rigid foam insulation.

    Or the inverse, pink insulation board adhered to a rod and pulled off.

    Wanna BEE farm

  13. homemakerang says:

    something to do with that pink house of yours? did the pink dye the snow in an area?

  14. catherine says:

    Your article is very interesting, thanks for the information! In France, there is some beautiful mountains too
    Best regards,

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