Tiny Cottage’s First Windows

Today we got the first two windows into the tiny cottage. These are gorgeous large glass windows in heavy aluminum frames that we had salvaged years ago just for this project. Sixty-six windows from the IBM offices when they renovated. The windows have sat neatly stacked and protected in the hay shed for years – we just didn’t have a place for them yet. It was one of those things that Holly went along with, she’s so good, but she thought I was being a little crazy at the time. In retrospect it was a fabulous deal. Their time has come.

Wednesday we had brought the first six of the windows up to the tiny cottage to warm up. These will become the outer panes of glass of our super windows. Our big project for today was washing them all – they desperately needed it. We then removed decaying caulking and re-seated and sealed the glass in the frames. Two of the windows didn’t need any recaulking so we were able to get those in today as you can see in the photo above. The process went smoothly, unlike the door which took over two days. Once in place Holly played her FlyLady games and washed the windows again. It was worth it – The view looking out of the cottage is gorgeous.

The sealant will take 24 hours to properly cure on the remaining four outer windows so despite our burning desire to put in the other windows we stopped there. Tomorrow they’ll be properly cured, no need to rush. Patience… patience…

Outdoors: 36°F/19°F 1″ Snow
Farm House: 65°F/50°F five logs
Tiny Cottage: 49°F/40°F Two windows in

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5 Responses to Tiny Cottage’s First Windows

  1. grannygardner says:

    I’d love to read more about your super windows. That is a great way of recycling very expensive windows.

  2. Patti says:

    Don’t think yer gonna get 66 winders in that there cabin! (snicker)

  3. pablo says:

    I suppose those other windows can’t “cure” in place because of pressure equalization or such. I still don’t see how the five of you are going to fit in that little cottage, but more power to you.

    (And where’s the obligatory post about the organic ice sculpture?)

  4. GrannyGardner, Details to come on the super windows. Basically many panes but something one can built oneself and really works well.

    Patti, The 66 windows are for the entire house. :) I’ll only get 12 of them in the tiny cottage. But the house is designed to grow so eventually they’ll all get used. Lots and lots of light!

    Pablo, the issue with the cure is it must happen at a warmer temperature than we have outdoors right now and each time you open and close the door it pushes air on the windows. The house is very air tight. Ventilation happens as designed. The result is if the caulking was uncured and weak the glass would be popped out of the frames by the pressure change when we open the door. Eek!

    As to the ice sculpture, we have plans but need very cold weather. As Wayne noted it has been a bit warm.

  5. Michelle says:

    My 8 year old girl was drolling over the snow!We love snow,but Alabama we dont get much,that was pretty picture

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