Kitchen Calendar

We keep a kitchen calendar current with details of daily doings. It is useful to be able to look back at past years and see when the last frosts were, when we planted, how much wood we used each month, egg collecting, hay distribution, whey, cheese, milk, heats and so many other details. By the end of the year it is a busy mess with a log of our lives.

Outdoors: 19°F/-3°F 1″ Snow, Overcast, Windy
Farm House: 62°F/48°F six logs
Tiny Cottage: 49°F/43°F no work

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2 Responses to Kitchen Calendar

  1. grannygardner says:

    We also keep a kitchen calendar with events recorded. I used to really like the calendars that had a pocket for each month. It was handy to be able to put receipts for the month in each pocket until time to file taxes.

    The temps in the cottage are again impressive given your high and low for the day.

  2. PV says:

    Neat! Like those old farm dairies Iv read about.

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