Painting of a Vermont Town

Around the corner from this painting on the building are the buildings in the painting…

Outdoors: 50°F/32°F Overcast
Farm House: 56°F/52°F no fire
Tiny Cottage: 58°F/53°F exceeded farm house temperature

About Walter Jeffries

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3 Responses to Painting of a Vermont Town

  1. pablo says:

    But where are all of the cars?

  2. PV says:

    Cool Walter!!!! I see a model a car in the left! The dresses look like old times to

  3. Nance says:

    I so enjoy this idea . . . that the real buildings are around the corner. Our town talked about murals on old walls but the counsel declined as they thought would be too distracting. oh come on. really. I think it is time I started attending the monthly meetings.

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